How it Works

Getting started with SBWMA Business Recycling Reporting is easy!

There are three steps to the process:

1. Register

Use our online registration form to sign up for an account.  It's quick, easy and free.  You will need to enter in all relevant details for your business as well as contact information should we need to get in touch with you later.

2. Pay Yearly Fees

Once you've registered and logged into your new account, you will then be eligible to pay your yearly reporting fees.  The cost is $125.00/year.

Click on the "Pay" button at the top of the page in order to pay your reporting fees.  You may pay with either a valid credit card, via eCheck, or mail-in check.

3. File Your Reports

Once you have registered and paid, you are now ready to start reporting!

Click on the "Report" button at the top of the page to begin filing your reports.  Only one report per quarterly reporting period is allowed.

When filling out reports, please complete as much information as possible, and be sure to add any notes about any recycling falling into the "Other" category.

Once your report has been saved, it will be listed with "Draft" status.  When the status is draft, you may still make edits or updates to your reports.  Once you are certain your data is correct and complete, click the 'submit report' button to send your report to RethinkWaste.  Your report will be locked from further edits.  Once reviewed by the RethinkWaste staff and approved, your report will receive the "Completed" status.  If you find you need to update or change a pending or completed report, please contact RethinkWaste so that we can set your report back to draft status.