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RethinkWaste Business Recycling Reporting provides an easy online system to register your business and submit reports for the recycling materials you haul or backhaul.

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Important Reporting Deadlines

Q1 (Jan, Feb, Mar) - Due on May 1, 2016
Q2 (Apr, May, June) - Due on August 1, 2016
Q3 (Jul, Aug, Sep) - Due on November 1, 2016
Q4 (Oct, Nov, Dec) - Due on February 1, 2017

Where to reach us:

RethinkWaste (650) 802-3500
610 Elm St, Ste 202, San Carlos, CA 94070

Shoreway Facility (650) 802-8355
333 Shoreway Rd, San Carlos, CA 94070

Tour Contact Info (650) 802-3506
333 Shoreway Rd, San Carlos, CA 94070